Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance: In Case You Have To Leave

Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance: In Case You Have To Leave

When living abroad, the social and political climate in the country isn’t always stable. Whether it is due to political unrest, natural disasters or other unexpected issues involving personal safety, people sometimes need to be evacuated quickly. This interruption of daily life has several effects that can cause trouble for expatriates who are not covered by international insurance. This coverage includes a host of expenses and circumstances for organizations and their employees. The issues covered by evacuation and repatriation insurance will make the situation less stressful for those affected by it.Expulsion

In countries where political unrest creates an unsafe situation for foreigners, some employees living abroad may be asked to leave their posts. Unrest and danger are both cause for voluntary and mandatory flight from operations. Groups and individuals may be seen as an unwanted presence or even as potential casualties should they remain. Organizations may need to evacuate quickly, and emergency evacuation insurance provides protection for those expelled or advised to leave due to military or political events. Coverage includes the cost of transportation to the nearest safe place and confiscation of certain property items. Property is also typically covered under this international insurance policy.


When unforeseen events cause an organization’s employees and representatives to be removed from an unsafe location, eligible individuals’ salaries can be continued under special international commercial insurance plans. When they are displaced, they may be able to continue their work in another location or may be suspended from operations until it is safe to reclaim their positions. This is often in place for up to a year, depending on the circumstances of the abandonment of the post and duration of the dangers.Return

Abandoning operations can be a stressful situation for everyone involved. Even more stressful is the cost and reality of return when authorities have given the all-clear to an organization. Special policies for international insurance not only cover emergency evacuation, but also the costs to return and re-establish operations after abandonment for safety reasons in the host country. Organizations must be able to present assurance that their presence in the former location is safe before making claims and returning to the country in question.

For organizations operating overseas, keeping their employees safe is a priority. Although their locations abroad may seem safe at the time they station people on assignment, the climate can sometimes change quickly. Those covered by international insurance policies for evacuation and salary continuation can regroup and move forward more quickly.

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