Terrorism Coverage in Your Travel Insurance Policies

Terrorism Coverage in Your Travel Insurance Policies

The death of Al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, has made the news and it certainly created a lot of buzz worldwide. Without doubt, one of the industries most affected by this development on the crackdown against terrorism is travel and tourism.There is good reason to celebrate but the people are somehow feeling that the notorious terrorist leader has not brought terrorism down with him. Violent attacks of revenge may soon follow and that puts travelers and tourists in precarious circumstances. Because of this, terrorism coverage of travel insurance policies has now become a priority to many travelers. Therefore, it is only smart for people to thoroughly inspect the intricacies of terrorism coverage of their policies.Americans are warned by the US State Department to limit their travels out of their residence in these moments of uncertainty. Terrorists can just come up with desperate acts of violence at any time and location just to get even. Joining gatherings for public demonstration are also discouraged by the government because they are likely targets if terrorist attacks are to take place.

Terrorism Coverage: It’s All About the Time-FrameCancellation of trips due to terrorism is included in travel insurance policies but the details of coverage differ from one policy to another. If you are particular about terrorism coverage, it pays to be aware of its details. There are providers that allow the traveler to cancel as long as the act of terrorism occurred 30 days prior to departure. The 30-day time-frame is a generous duration given by some travel insurance providers. This is by far more advantageous compared to other providers that only offer up to 10 days of allowance.Obviously, the terrorism coverage with the 30-day time-frame is more desirable. Having an insurance policy with this coverage allows you to have time to cancel your trips when an act of terrorism does happen. Travelers can effectively think through if the trip is worth taking despite the incident related to terrorism.For instance, a terrorist attack happened fifteen days before your departure. Your trip cancellation will definitely be viable if you hold a policy that has the 30-day time-frame in its terrorism coverage. Other travel insurance policies only have 7-10 days in their terrorism coverage. If you happen to have this kind of policy, your cancellations won’t be covered.

Some insurance providers that has 30-day terrorism coverage policies:· MH Ross

· Travel Insurance Services

· Travel Safe

· Global Alert

· Travel Guard

· Travel Insured International

· Seven Corners

· Travelex Insurance ServicesOn the other hand, these providers offer 7-10 days terrorism coverage timeframe: CSA Travel Protection and HTH Worldwide.When you intend to cancel your trips because of fear without any “actual” incidence of terrorism, do not expect your insurer to cover it. They won’t. Terrorism coverage does not include cancellations due to sneaky suspicions of terrorism plots.